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Members Share Their Stories

Telling our stories is how we share our experience, strength and hope. By speaking from our own experience, others can "take what they like and leave the rest." The storie on this page comes from the Nar-Anon daily reader, Sharing Experience Strength and Home (SESH). The following is an exerpt from the SESH, page 239 for August 26


...Do I love unconditionally when I enable the addict's using? Am I standing in the way of natural consequences of addictive behavior? Am I acting to eliminate my own fear and guilt? Am I acting to make myself feel better or needed? To release with love does not mean to deny the addict, but to allow free choice to the addict. When I am enabling, I am not allowing the addict to find the dignity and the self-esteem that come from taking responsibility and solving problems...

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